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Natisse Vs David Guetta

// June 4th, 2010 // 3 Comments » // News

Natisse Vs David Guetta

Quick! Support Natisse in the ultimate battle of established and future pop chart champions. The excellent MUZU.TV have chosen the cheeky ‘Follow Me’ video to go up against the brand new vid from David Guetta, Fergie and Chris Willis in their Friday Video Fight Club feature.

Each week, 2 videos are pitted against each other and put to the biggest test of all – a public vote, complete with comments. Today, it’s a choice between the current Natisse single or David Guetta’s ‘Gettin Over You’ (feat. Fergie and LMFAO). Oponents don’t come with much better pop/dance credentials than the French DJ/producer and his Black Eyed Peas cohorts.

Yet as of midday, you’ll see that Natisse is leading with a healthy 76% of votes! And they are not all simply being won over by the creative shaking of Nat’s rear end in the now infamous video either. There are plenty of positive comments about the tune too. Looks like Guetta, Fergie and co better watch their own rears!

VOTE FOR NATISSE on MUZU right now (you’ve only got today).