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Dancers Found! Welcome Futunity

// May 14th, 2010 // 4 Comments » // News

After a long audition process we’ve finally found our dance troupe for the new Natisse live show. We’re really pleased to have teamed up with Futunity, the Uxbridge-based academy for sports and dance who will provide the 2 guys and 2 girls for each of our live shows.

We’ll also be rehearsing with some of Futunity’s talented teenage dancers, ages 14-15 who we hope to work with at some of our under 18 shows. We’re hard at it in the rehearsal studios this weekend, so look out for some behind the scenes footage coming your way shortly.

For more info on the award winning Futunity, check out their website, and expect to see some of their protégés on stage with Natisse very soon…

Natisse Interview: Part 2

// May 7th, 2010 // 7 Comments » // News

After hearing about the trials of shooting a half naked video in the cold streets of London, today Nat tells us what’s lined up next in the Natisse plans for world domination…

Now ‘Follow Me’ has come out, what comes next?

We’ve just shot a new video, for ‘Kiss Me On The Lips’, in Brighton which was a lot of fun and very different to the last one – it was a lot warmer for a start! The KMOTL remix package contains winning entries to our remix contest from Zaheer and 4 runners-up. We had load of good entries and the public vote went really well too. Thanks to all who entered, and all who voted!

Any live shows coming up?

We’re auditioning for some dancers for my stage show at the moment, and lining up some pretty exciting gigs for the next few months. First up is Air & Breathe in Dartford on June 1st. Being in the studio is quite hard work, but live you really get that buzz and it gets you into the song more easily. I love it.

What else would you like to do now the album is prtty much finished?

I’d love to do a ballad. Something that will make people cry, like Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’. I was at performing arts college in London and we used to play Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Uninvited’, which was later covered as a Freemasons club hit. I’m trying to do things the other way around, recording acoustic versions of my dance tracks. We just did ‘Not Over You’, one of my first tracks, with piano, and ‘Follow Me’ is next, so that’s really exciting. Listen out for them.

You recently Twittered (@natissemusic) that you wished all your dreams would come true – can you let us in on what they are?

I want people to stop and take notice. To think, that girl has really got something, she’s brave and she’s doing it. Obviously I want to see my songs and videos on MTV and Ministry of Sound compilations, and I’d like to see myself judging the X-Factor one day! My dreams are to go out there and live the dream.

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