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Natisse Remixer DJ Kippling Interview

// May 20th, 2010 // 7 Comments » // News

DJ Kippling, Natisse remix competition

In the second of our series of interviews with the chosen winners from the Kiss Me On The Lips remix competition, we speak to Richard Kemp, aka DJ Kippling.

He’s been busy producing music at home for a while now, but hasn’t had a platform to give it proper public exposure, so he’s really excited at the prospect of what the contest success will do for his career...

How did you find out about the Natisse remix competition and what motivated you to enter?
I found out via an email from the King of the Decks competition I entered last year. This was the first real chance for me as a hobiest music producer to get my name out there. I really want people to hear my music and support me as an artist so I can propel my musical career further. I knew I had to take part in the comp immediately as its about as big an opportunity for someone in my position as you can get.

Where did the inspiration for your mix come from, and what kind of sound were you looking to achieve?
My main inspiration came from the fresh stream of electro which is taking the clubs by storm at the moment. Acts such as LMFAO, Sydney Samson, Wolfgang Gartner etc are all producing wonderfully fresh and inventive electro and I’m really loving it. I tried to achieve the kind of melodies and bass groves that you can’t help but move to, that happy-go-lucky, let’s-get-crazy attitude.

What are you biggest musical inspirations and influences?
My musical inspirations are incredibly widespread as is evident in the hugely varied styles in my original compositions. The main artists I look up to, past and present, include Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Pendulum, Prodigy, Imogen Heap, Sneaker Pimps, Noisia, BT and a whole host of others. I’m also a huge fan of rock and metal (I play guitar as well) which I occasionally let influence my compositions. No two songs I make seem to carry the same style. Check them out at and see for yourself!

Other than making it onto the Natisse remix package, what have been the key high points to your production career so far?

Doing mixes and work for internet radio stations and playing a set at the biggest club in Ipswich were some of the best moment thus far. This remix competition could potentially open the doors for me if people take the time to check out my music, so expect lots more from me in the near future…

What else have you got going on music-wise in the coming months?
I’ve got a few new songs in the works at the moment so I’d like to get those finished. Starting to look into getting some vocalists to collaborate on some stuff too so that could be exciting. I’m also planning an Electro event which, if all goes well, will happen sometime this summer, and depending how it goes it could become a regular slot.

Where do you ideally see your production career taking you in 5 year’s time?
I’d like to have had at least one single commercially released and hopefully an album. I’d also like to be known a lot more in my local area, perhaps get the chance to work with some of the local talent, remix their singles, collaborate with them etc. I’d love to have some kind of air time on a radio station too, all those things would really be awesome.

What do you think of Natisse/Shed Records making a success putting out music usually dominated by major labels?
I think it’s fantastic. The people working there have clearly put their heart and soul into the label. It’s awesome to see more and more independent labels finding their own amongst the big players. I think the focus is slowly shifting away from the big labels and more towards the independents so it’s an ideal time to be doing this kind of set-up. It also gives more people a chance to get their music heard and released. Everyone has to start somewhere and its labels like Shed that make that possible. Maybe one day I’ll be seeing a release of my own on the label… here’s hoping!

Check out DJ Kippling’s KMOTL mix again:

KMOTL (DJ Kippling) by Shed Records

Zaheer wins Natisse Remix Competition

// April 21st, 2010 // 16 Comments » // News

We can now announce that the winner of the competition to remix the next Natisse single, Kiss Me On The Lips, is the talented producer Zaheer.

Big congratulations to him from the whole team at Shed Records, York Street Music, The Music Producer and our club network judges. His remix was a big hit with the public and gathered huge support in the voting (backed up in the comments section too). It was an immediate contender for our shortlist when we first heard it, so makes a worthy winner… and a potential club smash!

The win secures Zaheer inclusion on the official remix package for Natisse’s Kiss Me On The Lips, due for release in June, and guarantees his mix peak-time play for a month in over 82 major nightclubs across the UK including Oceana, Lava & Ignite, Envy, Liquid and JJ’s venues.

We can also announce that due to the exceptionally high quality of the finalists’ entries, Shed Records will be releasing a few of the runners-up along with the official release, which will be announced in the next couple of days so keep you’re eyes peeled for that! Whilst these won’t enjoy the guaranteed peak-time club plays of the winning entry, all officially released tracks get serviced to over 600 UK Club DJ’s and 1100 Radio DJ’s worldwide!

You can still hear Zaheer’s remix, and all of the 12 entries on the voting shortlist here.

A huge thank you goes out to our partners and sponsors on this competition. The Music Producer for providing the all-important free downloads and bountiful prizes, and our UK club network for the support across all their clubs and associated websites.

Final thanks must go out to the public, who voted in their hundreds over the last week and have been spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook and beyond. We hope you’ve enjoyed this competition and will keep following Natisse as our assault on the dancefloors and the charts continues!

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More news of the release of Zaheer’s Kiss Me On The Lips remix coming soon on