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Natisse Remixer Earl E Dawes Interview

// May 19th, 2010 // 7 Comments » // News

Matthew Hamer aka EarlEDawes
In anticipation of the full release of Natisse’s Kiss Me On The Lips, containing remixes from no less than 5 up-and-coming producers discovered on this website, we are speaking to the guys you voted the best.

First up, Matthew Hamer, otherwise known as Earl E Dawes, tells us how he came to enter the contest and where he sees his career leading after this…

How did you find out about the Natisse remix competition and what motivated you to enter?
Through a friend who is a Liquid DJ at Swindon. No motivation needed to enter but I’ve been working on remixing tracks from just the acapellas to sharpen up my production skills and this seemed like a good track to work on for the next project!

Where did the inspiration for your mix come from, and what kind of vibe were you looking to achieve?
Commercial club tracks that typically I find DJs like to whack on “early doors/earl e dawes (geddit?)” in mainstream bars just as heaters, but yet can also work well in a Saturday night set. It’s about making a good track into a great track.

What are you biggest musical inspirations and influences?
Probably Full Intention, Freemasons, Buzz Junkies, Cahill. Also I guess you could say I’ve a lot of disco influence with a sprinkling of R&B and hip-hop.

Other than making it onto the Natisse remix package, what have been the key high points to your production career so far?
Just the fact that tracks I am putting out there and passing around to DJs seem to be getting genuine and consistent reaction, from the mashups I made years ago to the remixes I have put out over the last four years.

What else have you going going on music-wise in the coming months?
2 DJ residencies and working on some original productions.

Where do you ideally see your production career taking you in 5 year’s time?
I’d really hope to be paid to do some great remixes for chart tracks, and for the DJ bookings to take a leap because of that and take me to gigs all over the globe. If the studio work was paying the bills I’d be delighted, and on my current form I don’t think I’m a million miles away.

What do you think of Natisse/Shed Records making a success putting out music usually dominated by major labels?
I think it’s great that in this day and age it’s more feasible for smaller labels to be able to get great music out there. The costs of putting a great track out there and shooting a video can be kept on a shoestring, whereas years ago this wasn’t possible. Middle men have been cut. Technology has advanced and it has increased opportunities for artists, musicians and producers, including myself. If someone had told me ten or fifteen years ago that I’d have equipment in my own home that can put out a track of industry standard quality I’d have had a right old chuckle. It’s more accessible now…and whilst this increases the amount of wannabes and people who are all talk, it’s meant the standard has been raised across the board.

Listen to Matt’s remix again:

KMOTL (Earl Dawes) by Shed Records

Four More Remixes To Be Released

// April 23rd, 2010 // 3 Comments » // News

With the standard so high, and the range of different styles so wide, we thought it was only right to allow a few more of the fantastic entries into the remix competition the chance to shine on dancefloors.

Therefore we can now announce that 4 runners up from the shortlist of 12 Kiss Me On The Lips mixes that went to the public vote will also be give a proper release on Shed Records. They are the mixes by:

Earl E Daw
DJ Kippling
Paul Sirrell

Congratulations to you all. This doesn’t include the guaranteed plays in clubs that Zaheer won outright, but will see these versions go out as part of the official big remix package. And if DJs reactions are positive, they all may well be heard played out at a club near you soon!

Hear all the remixes in the final shortlist here

Zaheer wins Natisse Remix Competition

// April 21st, 2010 // 16 Comments » // News

We can now announce that the winner of the competition to remix the next Natisse single, Kiss Me On The Lips, is the talented producer Zaheer.

Big congratulations to him from the whole team at Shed Records, York Street Music, The Music Producer and our club network judges. His remix was a big hit with the public and gathered huge support in the voting (backed up in the comments section too). It was an immediate contender for our shortlist when we first heard it, so makes a worthy winner… and a potential club smash!

The win secures Zaheer inclusion on the official remix package for Natisse’s Kiss Me On The Lips, due for release in June, and guarantees his mix peak-time play for a month in over 82 major nightclubs across the UK including Oceana, Lava & Ignite, Envy, Liquid and JJ’s venues.

We can also announce that due to the exceptionally high quality of the finalists’ entries, Shed Records will be releasing a few of the runners-up along with the official release, which will be announced in the next couple of days so keep you’re eyes peeled for that! Whilst these won’t enjoy the guaranteed peak-time club plays of the winning entry, all officially released tracks get serviced to over 600 UK Club DJ’s and 1100 Radio DJ’s worldwide!

You can still hear Zaheer’s remix, and all of the 12 entries on the voting shortlist here.

A huge thank you goes out to our partners and sponsors on this competition. The Music Producer for providing the all-important free downloads and bountiful prizes, and our UK club network for the support across all their clubs and associated websites.

Final thanks must go out to the public, who voted in their hundreds over the last week and have been spreading the word via Twitter, Facebook and beyond. We hope you’ve enjoyed this competition and will keep following Natisse as our assault on the dancefloors and the charts continues!

Join the Natisse Facebook fan community

More news of the release of Zaheer’s Kiss Me On The Lips remix coming soon on

Voting Closed: Result Coming soon!

// April 19th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // News

The public vote in the Natisse ‘Kiss Me On The Lips’ Remix Competition is now closed. A huge thanks to the many hundreds of you who checked out the 12 finalists and selected your choice of track.

We’re tallying up the numbers and will be announcing the winner here on very shortly, so make sure you return to find out which track will scoop the honour of being included in the official remix package, for release in June.

The winner will be heard in clubs before that too, with guaranteed peak-time play in all our partner clubs nationwide including Oceana, Liquid, Envy, Lava & Ignite and JJ’s.

Remix Comp: Last Chance to Vote

// April 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // News

The votes are still pouring in for the best entry in our Remix Competition for the next Natisse single, ‘Kiss Me On The Lips’.

And the comments and messages of support for your favourite remixers also make interesting reading. It’s going to be a very tight contest!

You’ve got until this Sunday (18th) to make your voice heard. Preview the tracks and make your selection. The winning remix will be released in June as part of the full remix package, but club play will start in a matter of weeks…

Vote HERE now!

Natisse Remix Competition: Public Vote

// April 7th, 2010 // 38 Comments » // News

Competition has been fierce, but we’ve finally settled upon a short-list of entries in the Kiss Me On The Lips remix contest.

The level of talent has been so high we couldn’t decide upon 10 mixes, so we’ve put together a total of 12 for you, the public, to listen to and decide which you think would be best to join the remix package for a full commercial release this summer.

Please click on the arrow to sample each mix, then click next to the name of your favourite remixer in the form below. Please support your favourites and get friends to visit this page and vote. Multiple votes are not permitted though – so make your choice wisely and your one vote count!



3. M-ONE










So, you’ve hear the music, (good remixes, aren’t they!) now let us know which one you think is best.


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Natisse Remix Showcase #5

// April 3rd, 2010 // 8 Comments » // News

Completing our selection of tasty remixes entered into the Kiss Me On The Lips competition, here’s one from DJ Darren James. It’s a pumping house version with plenty of energy for the dancefloor and a suitably big rave piano moment too…

That’s it for the showcases, next up, the public vote. Check back on this site for it next week. And remember that Follow Me by Natisse is out on Monday too – happy Easter indeed!

Natisse Remix Showcase #4

// April 2nd, 2010 // 13 Comments » // News

With a final flurry of excellent mixes in the last few days of the Kiss Me On The Lips remix contest it’s time for a final couple of showcases ahead of the public vote after Easter.

Here’s one from Zaheer, who combines plenty of Nat’s vocals with a standout atmospheric production that takes the track into deeper territory.

Remix Competition: 5 Extra Days to Enter!

// March 31st, 2010 // 2 Comments » // News

Natisse Remix Competition

The response to the Kiss Me ON The Lips remix competition has been fantastic, and we’ve got some great contenders to put to the public vote soon.

However, we’ve had a lot of requests to extend the closing date to allow a few of the remixes to be tweaked and improved over the Easter break. Therefore we’re extending the competition until midnight on April 5th.

Anyone submitting (or resubmitting) a mix up until that time will be in the running. We’ll announce exactly which mixes have made the public vote after everything is in, and the overall winner will be added to the remix package for a summer smash!

Follow Me (Prototype Mix) Gaining Fans

// March 30th, 2010 // No Comments » // News

With 12,000 listens on YouTube in 2 days, the Prototype Mix of Follow Me is picking up plenty of support from the dubstep lovers.

Producer/remixer Kev Willow (Prototype) has come up with a devastating slice of melodic dubstep with Natisse’s haunting vocals and the piano line from the original all used to created a tripped out classic.

Huge support on Twitter and beyond, with the full release of Follow Me coming next week, it looks like this track, in all it’s forms, is about to blow up.

Let us know what you think…